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      December 07, 2012


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      el nacho

      don't do it...the school has changed . the funding is not there. they have several phd's they have to pay for. a doctorate degree doesn't mean you can teach. the staff in general is BURNED OUT due to the work load. they bring in freshly graduated teachers from the college of education with no actual experience.only book learned experience.also there is the building they have to pay for.
      the teacher turnover is astronomical.
      the funding has caused them to cut back on several key positions. the new director doesn't respond to parents. all request are filtered through the Principal. sit and wait is the mentality.
      there is only ONE part-time therapist for ALL three grade groups. at one one there was one full time per group.
      they don't have the backing most public schools do. forget high school. they have nothing ... nothing to offer compared to the public schools. a running joke among kids is the fact that spelling IS NOT mandatory at PK.
      it is a good school ONLY IF you're faced with a choice of schools and one is in the ghetto.
      don't send your kid there !!!! that warm fuzzy feeling is not true.
      my youngest of three just graduated from there. all three said the same thing " pk DID NOT prepare me for higher education. " many graduates have to take remedial classes as a condition to enter college.
      do not send you kid there !!!

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