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      March 22, 2012


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      Kathleen Bodden-Harris

      Thanks so much for sharing this. It only goes to prove: "The more things change, the more they stay the same!"

      Betty Bua-Smith

      Fantastic John!

      A. Solomon

      Amazing - my Father is from Little Cayman and it is great to see a bit of how it was when he was a young man. Do you have any photos?
      Thank you!

      Shirley Lolita Bodden

      I've watched this video a dozen times today. I'm so grateful to the two gentlemen who shot it and preserved a tiny fragment of our history, heritage and culture on a simple school project. It makes me realize that we are all historians. Thank you, thank you.

      Neil Williams

      This is a brilliant peice of recorded history

      for those who love Little Cayman this is priceless

      Thanks John

      Sandra Flowers

      This is awesome footage.

      Denise Bodden

      What a wonderful gift these young man have provided.
      A view of Little Cayman in 1970 and on video!!
      It was a pleasure to watch. Thank you.

      Denise Bodden, Historic Programs Manager
      National Trust for the Cayman Islands.

      Martin Keeley

      Didin't look much different five years later when I first visited LC......hmmmm

      Suzi Bowden

      2012...Going soon for my 9th year..Little Cayman has grown , but in good ways...the Marine Research Center is a fantastic operation for young minds to study climate changes, fish ecology and soo much more...SCC is just a Barefoot Paradise...thanks to Peter and staff. A "Happy Camper" when I visit to LC!!

      I too was a college student in the footage and the history ....


      Fantastic film. First started to visit Southern Cross Club in the mid 90' has changed agian so much in the last 16 years! still my favorite place on the globe with oh so many memories1

      Steve Scott

      To hear my grandfather (Olney) voice 20 years after his passing was emotional, to put it mildly! As a boy I made the thip to Little Cayman with him many times and stayed at the same cottage. Thanks for a great film and a look back in time!
      Steve Scott


      Love it! Thanks for recording and sharing.
      It has been great to see this video and all the pics circulating on Facebook regarding these beautiful islands.
      Priscilla Miller, Grand Cayman

      Sharron Thompson

      Man I lowe my Cayman! I so born in the wrong Era!!

      Quincy Brown, Ph.D

      I enjoyed watching this video presentation. Growing up on the Brac, many of us would go over by boat on a Sunday for picnics at point of sands. Anyone looking to enjoy authentic island lifestyle - Little Cayman is the paradise that awaits you.

      Quincy Brown.

      Ray Bodden

      I certainly enjoyed the video!! I love Cayman!!!

      Niki Foster

      Amazing to hear grandfathers voice again. Thanks for sharing video.

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