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      « SUPAR Workshop | Main | Guerilla Educators announces an important collaboration with FNI, the world's foremost educational facilities designers and planners. »

      August 14, 2007


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      richard Metz

      Ownership, engagment, citizenship, and working cooperatively; what wonderful ideas and goals. Imagine a society where the citizens are engaged in running their government at all levels, taking responsability to change what needs to be changed. When people act as if they, not their leaders or corporations, own society, and when people act cooperatively, not competitvely.
      This is certainly an excellent educational model.
      What a difference from the Bush educational model of government: secrecy, corporate control, competition as the only educational and success strateg.The result of large scale disaffection of the populace.
      Educational systems need to be part of the change, or fascism will surely be the end road of this and like minded administrations.

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